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A Car Owner’s Guide to Maintaining His Car Wheels

Car maintenance may seem to be a tiring task for some but for those who consider their cars as a precious property, cleaning it on regular basis seems to be a hobby. The only problem arises when people tend to forget their wheels as these are the parts of the car that are overtimes neglected.

Once you buy tires in Santa Cruz from AptosTire.com and decide to conduct a regular cleaning routine, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Maintaining His Car Wheels

  • Wash your car tires first. If you start with the wheels and tires, you prevent the grimes, dusts and dirt from splashing onto the body of your vehicle. You might need to prepare separate water bucket, soap and soft bristle brush.
  • Check which kind of wheel you have to know what detergent to use. Usually chrome and roughcast aluminum require stronger cleaners. On the other hand, you will need milder soaps for wheels that are painted, anodized or coated.
  • Once you started out the cleaning process, bear in mind that you have to do it by set. This will help prevent the cleaner from drying fast. After applying the soap and cleaner mixture, rinse the tire thoroughly before moving into the other set.
  • Finally, after rinsing, dry the wheels with microfiber or any detailing towel. You can opt to buy tires in Santa Cruz from AptosTire.com for a more durable option but no matter which type of wheel you buy, keeping them dry would prevent water spots and would help you remove the tiniest brake dust that might begin to sit in again.

DIY Tire Shine

Most people would want their tires to get that wow look so they tend to buy costly products in the market. If you want to make things more economical for you, you can create your own tire shine without spending extra money. All you need is water, alcohol. Mild dosh soap. Warm water, non-lint cloth and castor oil.

The first thing you should do is to mix a few drop of dish soap in the warm water then mix well. Use the brush to dip into the mixture then scrub the tires. Don’t forget to scrub the grooves. There are times when the tires get muddy and the mud has dried for a long time. To get rid of this, do the initial steps of brushing then let the mixture set on the muddy part for a longer period of time? Rinse the soap out when done.

To totally strip off the polish and the dirt, spray alcohol on the tires. It is best to use a mixture of 50 per cent of alcohol and 50 per cent of water. Spraying is not as easy as when you buy tires in Santa Cruz from AptosTire.com. The process is done by spraying a little alcohol-water mixture into the different part of the tire then wipes it off with a non-lint cloth.

Finally, when the tires are clean and dust-free, you can coat them with castor oil. This ingredient is preferred by many since it does not damage the rubber and is environment friendly.

Author Bio:Scott Forbes is well-equipped with brilliant ideas to share regarding car care and maintenance. His thoughts are written as useful guides to car owners here aptostire.com

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