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5 Online Resources for Making your RV Decision

An RV is a vehicle that you do not want to buy without doing your research. There are tons of information to be found online that will help you to narrow down the choices that you are interested in having as your holiday vehicle. We have compiled some of the best resources that can be found online to utilise.

Sydney RV Group

The entire stock of what is available for purchase is available via their website, both used and new RV’s can be seen online. In addition, they are considered some of the best sources for information about new and used motorhomes in Australia.  They provide several customer tools that can be imperative when making a choice as to which RV is going to be the best purchase for the holiday plans that you may have.

Making your RV Decision


This is the RV Buyer’s Guide resources that will not only classify some of the best RV’s on the marke.t but, they also provide a wealth of information to help in letting you find what you are looking for in an RV. The website also has valuable information about financing, insurance, planning a holiday trip and the like.

RV Living

This is a more personal website dedicated to helping others who are interested in RV living, to find an RV that is going to fit their needs. They have information such as:

  • How to choose an RV
  • Accessories associated with RV’s and what you need to know
  • And advice on travelling in an RV

The website is written by someone who does RV in their life, and shares their experiences along the way.

Making your RV Decision

The Grey Nomads

This website is written by those who RV throughout Australia. Their website includes information that can help with making a decision as to whether owning an RV is the right choice for you, along with information such as:

  • How to maintain a rig
  • Where to go in your RV
  • News related to the RV life
  • Events that you could be interested in attending


This is the magazine that is devoted to the latest news and reviews of RV’s on the market. They have third party reviews that you can utilise in order to determine if a certain RV is going to be the best choice for you or not. This can be a great source for new information about the RV’s coming to the market, presenting in a way that is unbiased.

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