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A Guide to Finding a Quality Vehicle

Buying a vehicle, either new or second hand is something that very few of us take lightly, as it involves us parting with fairly large sums of hard earned money, and very few of us can afford to get the decision wrong. Everyone is looking of course for the best possible deal, with the best vehicle, and lowest mileage for a giveaway price. The world of vehicles for sale can be very confusing for many inexperienced in knowing what to look for. A bright and shiny paint job is not necessarily indicative of the quality of the mechanics.

Quality New Vehicles

The best, nicest, most fuel efficient, safe and reliable cars are essentially the ones that are brand new, though many are put off by the cost, and the subsequent depreciation in the first couple of years. If that is how long they intend to keep the vehicle for, then it is a very valid issue, with a loss in that period approaching fifty percent. It should be of a significantly lesser concern if they plan on keeping the vehicle for five years or more, where the loss spread over that period is a far more comfortable number to live with, as the drop in value per year drops dramatically. With three years warranty pretty much standard these days, the security of knowing you have zero mechanical repair bills is very comforting. Choosing your brand is an individual choice, but you have the luxury of selecting the colour and any of the “extras” on offer.

Second Hand Vehicles

As people swiftly discover when looking at the second hand market, the question “how much is a particular model of a certain age and mileage worth?” becomes much like asking how long is a piece of string? Similar looking vehicles may differ in price by fairly substantial margins, for no immediately apparent reason. Finding particular makes and models has become much easier today digitally, rather than driving around dozens of dealerships and forecourts searching on foot. Sites like https://www.phillipmitsubishi.com.au/ can allow you to see everything they have before you set out for a physical look.

Know Who You are Buying From

Buying a car privately may well provide you with a good initial purchase price, as the seller is selling it for what he feels the car is worth. The car forecourt and main dealer have additional overhead costs, and profit, which they need to factor in, so buying from them is likely to cost you more. There are compensations of course. Buying privately leaves you buying “as seen,” so if you buy something you later realise was a bad vehicle, you likely have little or no comeback. Buying from the trade will at least provide you with the reassurance that the car is legitimate, and you may well have some form of warranty with the car.

The main dealer, with a reputation to maintain, is likely to only have the best condition vehicles on its showroom forecourt, though with heavier overheads for its normally flashy looks and lots of staff, adding to the amount they need to factor in to the price. Smaller forecourts have lower costs, so the amount they need to add on is often much less. Where you choose to buy and with what guarantees, is going to be the gamble that you take, so do your research well before making your decision.

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