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Affordable Cars that Pack Great Fuel Economy

Driving an efficient car has many benefits; not only does it help to conserve the ozone layer but it also saves you a pretty penny on gas every time you fill up. The best efficient cars don’t necessarily have to cost a ton. Our list of three efficient rides are all priced to sell just affordable amount.
Toyota Prius

Affordable Cars

A hybrid which has taken the automotive industry by storm is the Prius by Toyota. At first consumers may have been rather polarized by its unusual shape (due to aerodynamic engineering) but buyers warmed up and it’s been a massive hit ever since. It runs on an electric engine with 134 hp and a V4 cylinder 1.8 traditional engine. There are three different driving modes the driver can select from; Eco, Power and EV. You save the most fuel using Eco mode but it will accelerate rather slow in this mode. The steering is electrically assisted and regenerative braking is in place; this process utilizes the energy created during braking to power up the battery.

Honda Civic Hybrid
If you are looking for a smaller car then the Civic Hybrid would be a good choice; its compact shape makes it easier to navigate through traffic and park in tight spots. It is powered by both a four-cylinder engine that works together with an electric motor. A feature called idle-stop turns off the gasoline engine when it’s not being used; an intuitive system that saves a lot of gas. The Civic Hybrid qualifies as an Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission vehicle due to its low emissions and carries a 15 year/150k mile warranty on all emissions equipment. Not so many selection of models are available from private owners. If you are able to search and get the one of your choice then buying directly from the owner definitely would be the best and cheaper option.
Generally, people like to deal with private owners because they offer cheap cars at faster transaction. Besides you will get to know your car better as compared to the information and experience you will have with second hand car shops. Those are essentially the reasons why people like to deal with private sellers.
Car dealers offer better variety of selection. You can freely choose among the options presented. Car dealers have mechanics and specialists who can guarantee the excellent condition of the car. The downside of it is that it is often expensive. Visit http://www.jdbyrider.com/used-car-dealerships/milwaukee/milwaukee/inventory to have all the information need about the best deals.

The Fiesta is a cute and compact car that is available with the Super Fuel Economy package, which boosts up its mileage making it much more efficient. This ride even hits miles of up to 40mpg on the highway; very impressive numbers for a traditional car. Ford Motor’s intuitive Sync system can be installed which allows for seamless Bluetooth integration and the ability to control various functions by using your voice. This allows you to keep your hands safely on the wheels at all times.

Efficient cars are definitely not a passing trend or fad; it is the wave of the future. The government is concerned with fighting global warming and decreasing America’s dependence on foreign oil. Plans are in place to cap car emissions and giving individual states more power to limit gas emissions. This is a step which will greatly impact the automotive industry. By the year 2020, new vehicles will need to meet the 35 mpg mark. Choosing to drive an efficient vehicle is not only a positive step on a personal level but also on the national and global level.

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