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Enjoy your Deluxe Ride with These Family Cars

India is one of those countries whose people believe in togetherness and love. People today in India have been advanced in every specific field they wish for. When it comes to buying anything whether it’s a house or even a cycle people here never miss to take a recommendation from other members of the family. Cars in India have always been important for inculcating the relationship between the families of India as a typical family buys a car which can fulfil the need of every person. Here are some of the best family cars in India that are ideal for a typical Indian family.

Datsun GO+

This car is known to be among the cheapest seven-seater family cars in India’s market. The Datsun GO+ provides all the essential features to a person in the budget. The unique and most impressive feature is that this car handbrakes and gear lever are usually mounted on the dashboard. The features provide the flat-bench seating in the front side rather than being the typical two-seat format. This car offers an average mileage of 19.83 kilometres per litre.

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Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

This is one of the best cars in India and is known to be the best-selling seven-seater car from its first launch in the year 2012. This car was typically developed by keeping the Indian market demand in mind, and it has been market as LUV (i.e. Life Utility Vehicle). The latest launched version of this ‘LUV’ Ertiga is known to be longer, taller as well as wider than the previous model of the same car. Hence, this car also comes with a number of new features inside it. The all -new Maruti Suzuki Ertiga claims to offer an average mileage of 19.34 kilometres per litre.

Honda BR-V

This car is known to be a bridge between the SUV and MUV segment of the car. This car is known to be a typical seven-seater car with little bit traits of the minivan as well as SUV. The Honda BR-V is known to be available in both petrol as well as diesel variant. The engines of both cars are known to be one of the best performers while the diesel variant engine provides good mileage. The automatic petrol variant claims an average mileage of 16 kmpl and the manual petrol variant provides 15.39 kmpl. The manual diesel variant offers an average mileage of 21.9 kmpl.


The above-mentioned are some of the best family cars in India that a person can buy.

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