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How to Choose the Right Tractor

The 21st century is perhaps the best of times and worst of times to run a farm. In the sense of being the worst of times, there are more factory farms than ever. As a farmer, you have to compete against international factory farms that ship their frozen goods all over the world, providing low-quality goods at incredibly low prices. However, it is also the best of times. Never before has technology made farming so efficient and far reaching. In the past, farmers in Melbourne could sell produce at a stand near their farms, and people from all around the city would come to the farmers’ market to buy local produce. Now, you can ship your produce to far-off customers in Melbourne, Michigan, and Munich.


Perhaps the best new technology, though, is the tractor. The tractor of the future is incredibly efficient and versatile. Picking the right tool can be intimidating, but if you run through a few key features, you can find a tractor to fit your needs.

How Big Is Your Property?

Most farmers, from small farms to big ones, need a great tractor. Choosing what kind of tractor you need often depends on your property. If you have a small-ish farm, a tractor of about 35 horsepower should suffice for tilling, mowing, and moving debris. If you have a larger farm, you might need a lot more horsepower. Some larger farms require a tractor in the 45hp to 70 hp range. Tanner Track Melbourne tractors come in a wide range of horsepower options.

Why Do You Need a Tractor?

There are many different jobs that you can perform with a quality tractor. You should sit down and really think about what you intend to do with your tractor. Proper planning can save you an incredible amount of money. Trying to outfit your tractor with job-specific attachments later could cost you a lot more than buying them when you buy your tractor. Buying separate tools for jobs that could have been performed by a tractor attachment could end up being a serious waste of money. For example, if you intend to plant posts or bale hay, you should buy the post hole digger or haymaker attachments when you buy your tractor.


What you want to do with your tractor will also help you determine which tractor is best for you. There are two kinds of horsepower: engine horsepower and PTO horsepower. PTO horsepower is the amount of power that is available to operate equipment, such as a posthole digger. If you intend to do a lot of extra work with your tractor, you are going to need a tractor with a lot of PTO horsepower.

The amount of power available is often determined by the type of transmission in the tractor. A mechanical transmission is the most efficient kind of transmission. It allows you to choose the engine speed, which allows you to work as efficiently as possible. The right tractor can make your farm run as easily as possible.

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