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How to save good money on buying a used car

If you are planning to purchase a car and have a limited budget, then you can look out for a used car which comes with an affordable price tag. Today vehicle has become a necessity but it is also considered as a worst investment because it depreciates 20 to 30% in the value the moment you bring it out from the showroom. Well you can take advantage by purchasing a used vehicle and save a good amount of money.

buying a used car

You can easily find wide range of used cars for sale in Bismarck ND. Cars manufactured in 80’s were good till 80,000 to 100,000 miles and after that they used to be sale off to junk dealers. But today with the advancements in mechanical engineering cars can easily reach up to 150,000 miles without any issue and by adding new spares and overhauling you can easily drive your car to 200,000 miles. Compared to the used cars, new cars come with heavy road tax and insurance premium.

Usually there are two type of used car dealers in the market, first one are the multi-brand dealers where you can find different car brands and models offered for purchase. Second one, are the official resellers, who are associated with a single car brand and only sell and deal in the models of a particular car brand. In case of multi-brand dealers you can easily get your hands on different cars but the main drawback is that these dealers don’t provide any warranty plus you don’t about the quality of the car.

And in the case of official resellers, you will get quality cars, limited time period warranties. Moreover the cars available at these official resellers have to go through certain quality tests which ensure the quality of the car’s spare parts. Beside this these multi-brand dealers also have several add-on charges like processing fee, paper transfer charges and commissions etc. But these official resellers only charge a small amount commission.

So if you want to purchase a used car of a particular car brand then it will good that you must locate the official reseller of that car brand.


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