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How to Save Money on Tires

Anyone who is into cars knows how important it is to invest in good tires. Not only do they help with the gas mileage of the car, they are important for road safety as well. Everyone chooses car tires based on their driving style and roads they would be traveling on. For example, if you travel on rocky roads you’ll need special strong tires and if you frequently take the highway you’ll need tires that would last for a long time. No matter what roads we take, and how expensive our tires were, after a certain age, our cars need new tires. But let’s be honest, it’s an expense that drains your wallet and savings and leaves you wondering if we need to look for loan places near you. So how can you save money on tires? Here’s a list of ways that will help you save money on the expense of new tires.

Proper Maintenance Is the Key

Proper maintenance of tires will not only keep you and your car safe but it helps save money in the longer run too. Tires that are well-maintained last for a longer period of time and helps improve the car’s performance too. Get the air pressure of your tires checked regularly or invest in a gauge yourself. Tires that are inflated increase rolling resistance of your car which further on decreases the mileage of the car. If not weekly, then check on the air pressure of your cars’ tires at least once a month because well-maintained tires mean your car will have superior mileage.

A handy tip: Make sure that the pressure of the spare tire you have in the car is optimal too. You wouldn’t want to end up with a flat tire to find out that the spare is flat too.


Keep Them Rotating to Keep Them Going

It’s common knowledge that the front tires of your car have to work harder than the ones at the back. What you should do is keep rotating the tires on a monthly basis. The ones in front go to the back and the back ones need to come forward. This way all the tires share the burden equally. This way you can delay the expense of new tires until you get your hands on sweet deal.

Don’t Wait for Tires to Go Bad before You Buy New Ones

Instead of buying all for tires at once, divide the expense. Throughout the year keep buying a tire or two when their prices are the lowest. Even if you don’t need them. This way when your tires start to give out you won’t be at the mercy of the retailer. You’ll have your own backup.

Shop Online

Online shopping saves time and helps you compare prices of different retailers without causing much of a hassle. So before you go to buy some tires for your car use online shops to be your buying tires guide. Search around and know what type of tires you are looking for. There are e-stores that tell you about the right kind of tire better suited for your car’s model. Usually, the online stores are offering deals that you will not find in local markets. Buying tires from these stores help you save money and keep you from having to figure out payday loan requirements even after you have paid their shipping charges.

Keep a Look around for Sales and Rebates

One survey suggests that Americans spend over $20 billion on replacing new tires every year. Keep a look out for when the prices of tires hit rock bottom. It’s usually in October and April because these are the times when people plan for trips and vacations. Whenever you find tires’ prices going down, buy one or two for rainy days ahead.

Tire manufacturers are usually coming up with rebate offers for a certain brand of tire. Be aware of such offers because you can save quite a bit with the right deal.

A handy tip: Always buy an extra tire. You’ll be happy you did when one of your tires are flat and you won’t have to use that tiny spare.


Buy the Right Size Tires

Bigger tires not only wear out faster but also increase the mileage of your car. When buying tires, only go for the size that is suggested in the manufacturer’s manual. The right size tires help save a lot on the maintenance cost of your car and your car’s mileage.

Be on Good Terms with a Mechanic

Save money by being on good terms with your mechanic. Mechanics are always in contact with the warehouse owners and retailers. They know the best deals. Being on good terms with them can help you save money since they will always step forward to help their loyal customers save a few bucks. If you’re lucky, you can save as much as a $300 on a deal your mechanic would get you. So when you think your car needs a new tire, pass the word on to your mechanic to keep a lookout.

Owning a car is already expensive because of its regular maintenance, car insurance and gas cost. You wouldn’t want to take out classic car title loans just because you don’t know how to buy tires. Consider these tips and you’ll end up saving a lot. Who doesn’t like saving money? Feel free to comment below if you any great tire buying tips.

Author Bio: Mark Lean is a graphic designer and photographer unleashed as a content marketer. When he’s not writing about loans or saving money, he’s scraping his pennies together for a Camaro.

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