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Incredible Outdoor Adventures You Didn’t Realise the UK Offers


If you love outdoor adventures then maybe you wish that you lived somewhere more exciting? Well, the truth is that there is probably a lot more action to be found close to your home than you might think.

For instance, the UK has a ton of incredible adventures out there waiting for you to enjoy them. Which of the following would you get most pleasure from?

Go Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an exciting and very adventurous hobby that can easily be carried out in many different parts of the country now. You can enjoy this sport in a wide variety of wonderful settings that let you explore the UK while having fun.

One of the best places to go rock climbing is in the spectacular Peak District. Here, you will find thousands of different climbs just waiting for you to get out and try them.

Other amazing places to go rock climbing are dotted all over the place, from the Old Man of Hoy in the Orkney Islands all the way down to Land’s End in Cornwall. Plus, wherever you are in the UK you are probably not far away from an indoor climbing centre as well.

You can just jump in your car and head off to find new places to enjoy this hobby. Be sure to use a car boot protector to stop your gear from messing up the car and you can travel without a care in the world.


Enjoy Some British Skiing

We tend not to think of the UK as being a place where you can enjoy the pistes. Yet, there are some terrific skiing options here that you might be interested in.

For a start, if you want to experience real snow in a thrilling setting then you can’t do much better than go to the North of Scotland to try iconic ski resorts such as Aviemore and Glenshee.

There are also more real snow ski centres in the rest of the UK than you might think, even way down in the Southern part of England. Artificial ski slopes can also be found in a number of UK cities and towns these days too.

Try Skydiving

There is absolutely no doubt that the UK looks stunning from way up in the sky. This is a sport that will give you an incredible adrenalin rush wherever you do it, of course.

Some of the finest places in the country to go skydiving include Salisbury, London and Perthshire. You can very easily arrange to go up for a tandem jump just about anywhere, while you will gain the ultimate in freedom if you then start to jump on your own in the future.

If you have never seen Britain from up in the clouds then this adventure will blow your mind and open up exciting new possibilities for you.


Kayaking Around the Coast

The UK’s long and beautiful coastline makes it perfect for getting out to explore in a kayak. You can enjoy this invigorating sport in just about any part of the country’s coast.

For example, the Cumbria coast is a fantastic area to explore in this way. You might also decide to explore the Scottish islands and check out some of the most remote whisky distilleries in the region while you do so.

Of course, if you start kayaking as a serious hobby then you will want to eventually get you own gear. In this way, you can just use the likes of Ford, Audi or BMW boot liners to keep your car clean while you get around the country looking for new spots to check out.

Diving for Wrecks

Diving for shipwrecks has got to be one of the most thrilling ways of spending a day in the UK. The good news is that there are a number of wrecks out there waiting to be explored.

A good example comes with the HMY Scylla near Plymouth, which was sunk to create an artificial reef type structure. Then there is the James Eagan Layne, also off Portsmouth, and the numerous vessels sunk off Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands.

Diving to explore shipwrecks is a brilliant adventure and will bring you some jaw-dropping moments. Of course, it also has its fair share of risks attached to it as well, though.

If you want to live a more vibrant and active life then the UK has a huge amount to offer you. Just try something different and you might be surprised to see where it leads you to.

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