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Maintenance Tips For trucks

Taking care of the truck that you use every day is as important as getting a steady job as a truck driver. With many deadlines and jobs to do, it is not easy to be aware of the small details that help keep your truck operating efficiently.

However, avoid forget about them, because the vehicle you drive is bigger and maintenance that should be given after a certain time is much higher. Furthermore, the distance to drive could be higher, which means that the truck could be further from a mechanic who can give a review.


If the truck is not working optimally, you neither will you. So we give you some simple tips for truck maintenance.

Check the oil

It is important to take the time to inspect the oil, especially before a long distance journey. Doing this is more important if the engine has been required considerably. Powerful engines need much oil and if you forget to check it out too fast may damage the engine, which could cost a lot.

Check radiator

As with oil, you should make sure you’ve checked the radiator before any long distance trip. Fill it with fluid up to the top and if you notice any leaks, must take care of it quickly before it causes overheating and damage the motor.

Check the tire pressure

Check the tire pressure is very important and should be done on a weekly basis and even more so if there are long journeys followed in the future. The pressure can fluctuate by temperature changes and for driving at high speeds on the road. Little inflated tires can reduce mileage and make it more difficult handling. Conversely, over-inflated tires are more prone to puncture and damage bumps. To find the ideal tire pressure, check the truck manual. This site offers Chevy OEM replica wheels for all types of vehicles.

Check brakes

Brakes checked frequently. If you feel vibrations or hear a squeak when applying the brakes, you probably need to take them to maintenance. You deal with this problem as soon as possible will save a lot of money and time.

Other tips for truckers

While taking care of the outside of the truck can be purely aesthetic (and who would like to drive a dirty truck all the time?), Keep this vehicle wash and clean will allow you to see if there are dents or scratches, so then you can fix quickly.

On the other hand, what you put inside the truck every day has a lot to do with the state in which the vehicle is. Use the proper fuel and oil help keep your truck in good condition. Before embarking on the next long journey, make sure you understand what you need your vehicle.

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