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Renault’s Futuristic Trezor

Every now and then something special announces itself to car enthusiasts everywhere – the Trezor 2-seater electric coupé is one such revelation. Laurens van den Acker, SVP Corporate Design at Renault, is quoted as saying, ‘’ …This concept car…prepares the way for the trends we are likely to see in our upcoming vehicles.’’



An electric GT of exceptional design and performance the concept was unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show recently and attracted huge interest. It is a car for the future. Renault, in the car manufacturing business for more than a century, has come up with a concept that may well help lay the foundation for future design ideas as far as luxury cars are concerned. With the Trezor the car maker is certain to build on its reputation as Europe’s leading EV manufacturer and will undoubtedly further lift their profile. To access the car you have to open the one-piece rooftop and almost slide in. One could be forgiven for thinking of it as opening one’s own gift parcel. A quality product such as the Trezor is likely to hold it’s value well as time passes.You can value my car with The Car Buying Group to see how your car’s value is fairing.


The use of leather and red wood enhances a feeling of style and class reserved for only the best. A luggage compartment situated at the front of the car makes for easy storage, all neatly strapped up. The touch-operated dashboard display combines the controls and multimedia system. Only the very latest in Ultra High Definition technology is employed. A personalised touchscreen interface recognises your smartphone’s apps and shows them on the screen, and the driver then chooses which widgets he/she prefers to use.

Batteries and Driving Modes

The Trezor features a rear-wheel drive system and has two batteries, one at the front and the other at the rear for optimal weight distribution. Each battery has its own cooling system.  A brake-operated energy recovery system was developed from the Rechargeable Energy Storage System technology which had been developed for Formula E racing cars.  The Multi-Sense system allows for three driving modes: neutral, sport and autonomous. When in autonomous, the exterior lighting changes and extends further to the rear logos as an indication to other road users that the autonomous mode has now been activated.

Some Specifications:

The Trezor is 1,080 mm high, 4,700 mm long and 2,180 mm wide. It weighs just 1,600 kg, thanks to its bodywork that exists mainly of red glazed carbon fibre. The Trezor is fast too and races from 0 – 62 mph in less than 4 seconds. It produces 350 hp.

The Future

Aiming for autonomous driving technology in the next decade, Renault is working towards ideas that will see them come up with affordable autonomous vehicles.

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