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Small cause- Big effects- Using wider rims in your car


Larger car cars look visually good, but for many are simply expensive, with no benefit or purpose. But are not the big tires also offering functional advantages?

Large carrots: Optical taste

Large Escalade rims made by USARIM generally provide a more powerful automotive appearance. Whether this is prodigious or the design of the vehicle appreciates is a matter of taste – but also a price question. Car makers can often pay the XXL rims expensive. If you want to spend less, you should check offers at free dealers, according to “Auto, Motor und Sport” or at least an online price comparison start. It is clear in terms of comfort and driving behavior. Here the tires have an objectively measurable effect.

With 17-inch carriages inexpensive and comfortable on the road

Tires with the right-hand size of 17 inches do not offer any special optical effect to drivers. They promise easy handling, precise steering, and safe driving. Because of their larger cross-section, the smaller rims roll more elegantly, according to the “Auto, Motor und Sport”. If you are driving in the normal road traffic, this car is best served with car cars of this size. Compared to the larger versions, tires of this size are also the cheapest.

Larger carriages offer more grip

The effect, which is already an inch extra size brings with it, is clear. 18 or 19-inch car windows give you a more sporty driving style, as they provide more grip on the road surface. In addition, the car can be steered even more precisely. The steering is bigger with tires but also habituating, since it reacts much more directly. The 18- or 19-inch models are stiffer and wider than the smaller version. This brings some comfort in terms of comfort because the tires are also flatter and accordingly do not spring so well.

Aquaplaning, brakes and fuel consumption

As far as safety is concerned, wider and larger rims have both advantages and disadvantages. In the case of a dry track, the larger contact surface ensures a shorter braking distance. In the case of a wet road, however, this can be reversed to the detriment: the danger of aquaplaning, where the tires float on the water and the car is unable to maneuver, is noticeably increased. The high bearing surface and the associated rolling resistance of the wide tires also have a negative effect on fuel consumption. Between three and ten percent more gasoline consuming vehicles with such large car windows, betrays the “picture”.

Impact of using broken RIMS

Broken rims influence the rideability. Custom ill fitted Rims can have a constructive effect on the driving behavior of a vehicle, in conjunction with the chassis geometry. In so-called “low bed” rims, the (imaginary) vertical leg axis travels behind the center of the tire contact surface, which makes a very remarkable effect on the curve speed and handiness of the car. However, wider rims and tires also lead to higher wear, eg in the case of servo steering.

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