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Who Really Wins With A Prolonged Auto Warranty

A prolonged auto warranty is a taboo concept in various car communities. While the concept may be looked down by some, there are still those who believe that adding more years to an auto warranty is the best move they’ve ever done or they will ever do for themselves and their money.

Giving auto warranties a few more years on paper is quite the deal if we think about it. Spending a few dollars to avoid having to pay for expensive repairs in the future sounds rather ideal and it’s a concept everyone should be willing to get onboard with. Honestly speaking though, who gets the most out of a deal like this?

Busy Businessman

There’s no denying the fact that cars are more likely to break down if they are used more often. If it’s used every day of the week to travel long distances, then the engine is going to go through wear and tear a lot faster. That’s why a longer auto warranty is essential for those who are always on the go.

Businessmen and other workers who use their cars on a daily basis might not know it through looking alone but their autos are going through damages little by little. If left uncovered, these small charges could turn into bigger ones in a few years or so.  It doesn’t take long to receive a quote though no matter how busy you are. Companies like Endurance Warranty have provided the data you need for receiving an extended warratny quote from different vendors in the industry.

To avoid burning a hole through their pockets in the future, businessmen and other busy workers should always consider going the extra mile with their auto warranties.

Newbie Drivers

Let’s be honest here, people who are new to driving have little to no idea about the precautions they should take to keep extra care of their car. It takes a lot of years and experience to know just what a car needs.

For newbie drivers who are very prone to getting parts damaged, an extra year or so to the auto warranty is a pretty good deal. It would serve as an extra precautionary method just in case the car goes through a really rough journey with the newbie driver.


Honestly speaking, everyone can benefit from a longer auto warranty. We can’t deny the fact that car repairs grow more expensive every year and to avoid paying for these heavy fees, an auto warranty is more than needed. It’s not just newbie drivers and busy businessmen who are going to benefit from this, as everyone can surely use an extra shield for their car.

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